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[Notice] NQVM New Web Site Beta Open
작성자 adminstrator 등록일 2011.10.16 20:21 조회 27,330

Dear NQVM members…

First, I would like to thank you for your continuous interest in NQVM and use of them.
We have renewed our NQVM web site. The web site was supposed to open in September, but was delayed for more perfect opening.

In the new web site, we provide detailed explanation on the functions of NQVM Enterprise Edition which were not publicized and also the functions have been enhanced.
For MY NQVM, we add the modules for individual users, which are sold to enterprises.

Now we open the renewed web site for the beta test. Please use this web site and help us with the followings to improve the quality and services of the web site.

The video on the main page is being prepared and will be provided later.
Thank you very much.

Beta test period: October 13 to November 10, 2011

Check points
1) Bugs or error
2) Items to improve
3) Spellings
4) Items to add
5) Others

Thanks in advance


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